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Why Barbeque Meat is Good For You and why you should definitely try it at Bajeko Sekuwa!

 Mar 13, 2020    0      Bajeko Sekuwa

As the name “Bajeko Sekuwa” itself suggests, our BBQ and Grill is signature in almost all part of Nepal. Committed to bringing you the best quality, we put love, awesome taste and a lot of health values in our Barbeque. Besides just being super savory in taste, our barbeque meat is also way healthier compared to other cooking approaches. Here’s a few reasons why:
  • Uses less oil:

    First and foremost, barbecue meat uses very scanty amount of oil. Once we marinate it with spices and a little bit of oil, that’s pretty much it. Our meat is then ready to be put on the grill. We do not put any more oil or butter thereafter. This makes sure you are able to enjoy our tasty barbecue without being overly conscious about your health.

  • Sheds fat:

    Unlike pan fried meat where the meat retains its fat, when we barbecue our meat, it sheds all of that fat. The heat melts away the fat and lets it escape and fall under the grill whereas in a pan it would just mix with the oil and make the meat even more greasy. This again, makes our meat healthier.

  • Less calories:

    Of course, with less oil, the meat will end up having way less calories than when we deep fry it in ample amount of oil. This makes it perfectly suitable for people who are on a fitness routine or a dietary restriction or to those who just want to try and get started on having an overall healthier lifestyle. So, all in all it is good news for all the fitness enthusiasts. You do not have to worry about making up for the calories taken by running that extra mile which you would if you ate other oily meat.

  • Preserve nutrients:

    When we fry meat on a regular utensil with oil, a lot of the nutrients we find inside the meat is lost. Meat consists of protein, vitamins, Zinc, Iron, and many other vital nutrients that overall, really benefit out body. Some of those benefits include muscle growth, digestion regulation and improved blood circulation. All these benefits get preserved in our barbecued meat.


  • It’s not processed:

    We do not serve processed meat. The meat we use for our barbecue are fresh and straight out of the farm. We do not put any extra chemicals or preservatives that have negative impact on people’s health. We want our valuable customers to enjoy our sizzling flavors without sacrificing their health.


  • Thoroughly cooked:

    Using less oil and not using direct heat like on pan cooked meat does not mean that our food is undercooked. An undercooked meal can disturb your stomach for days and could even cause more serious diseases or conditions. We absolutely do not want that to happen to our customers. Hence, we follow strict guidelines to make sure that our barbecue is thoroughly and aptly cooked; not undercooked, not overcooked.

You’re getting nuances of meat with all the health benefits sans the unwanted fat and calories. Sounds too good to be true? We get this a lot but yes, it is probably the best way to consume meat. Visit any of our branches today and try it for yourself.

Bajeko sekuwa is a premium nepali restaurant that has been serving its customers authentic nepali cuisines like sekuwa, tash, Nepali Khana Set and many more for the past 37 glorious years. 

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