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Bajeko Sekuwa, What's Unique About Your Favorite Restaurant Chain

 Mar 11, 2020    0    restaurant, bajeko sekuwa, restaurant chain, food, unique  Bajeko Sekuwa

From starting out as a tiny Barbecue stall near the airport to now having a multitude of restaurant branches all around the city and a few in the USA, Bajeko Sekuwa still maintains the piquant flavors that people instantly fell in love with when Mr. Dinanath Bhandari and his wife first started out in 2035. It’s the unique and constant Nepali taste throughout these years, along with our humbling story that has made us one of the most loved restaurant brands in the country, which we are really thankful for and take pride in.

So, what's unique about us?

We believe it’s the consistency coupled with our unique taste which started out 4 decades ago, sets us apart from other restaurants. This taste doesn’t vary in between our branches as we have always strived towards maintaining this unique taste in all of them. The Bajeko Sekuwa you have at the Anamannagar branch will be no different from the Bajeko Sekuwa you have at the Gairidhara branch. So, whenever you get a craving, it doesn’t really matter where you visit, you’re always getting the authentic taste and hospitality.

Something for everybody, from delicous BBQ meat to veggie delights

With the effect of globalization in our country, it is not easy to find quality and authentic Nepali cuisines. We are all so caught up in trying out international dishes that we forget about our local food. There are only a few places that serve authentic Nepali cuisine, and we are glad to be the finest among them. We offer all the popular Nepali dishes as well as a few of our own specialties. Our goal is to spread joy amongst everyone with our food. We soon realized after opening our restaurants that it would not be possible by catering to non-vegetarians only. So, if you are a vegetarian do not let the word ‘Sekuwa’ in our name spook you away. We serve a plethora of Nepali vegetarian items that you will surely drool over. All this talk about local cuisines does not mean that we are just limited to local dishes though; we understand that people may want to try new items so we offer quite a few international dishes as well.

For the Nepalis that Demand More

All this popularity has not made us vain. Despite the current trends in economy, we still offer all our items at a very affordable rate with pretty decent portions. The unique taste and modest pricing that’s made so many people fall in love with our food is what got us to the place we are today. Those values still remain with us and we want to put it that way for all the years to come.  From students with limited budget to working and earning adults, we get all kinds of customers each day. At the end of the day we are able to send both the groups happy. 

This opportunity of catering to all ages makes us even more proud to be serving till today and also encourages us to keep doing so for the upcoming years.

Visit your nearest Bajeko Sekuwa Outlet today, and get a taste of the authentic flavors of Nepal. We are promising nothing less than lip-smacking Nepali Goodness. 


Bajeko sekuwa is a premium nepali restaurant that has been serving its customers authentic nepali cuisines like sekuwa, tash, Nepali Khana Set and many more for the past 37 glorious years. 

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